Here at PSU, we like to consider mental health seriously. Throughout the semester we like to take nice campus holidays called mental health days. The reason for these mental health days is because we understand that college can be very stressful sometimes and we believe that it’s great to take a load off and give your brain and mental health a break. On these mental health days, it’s a great opportunity to hang out with some friends that you may not have seen for a couple days because you were swamped with work. Some other great things to do on these mental health days are, throwing a ball or frisbee with some friends on Mary Lyon lawn, hanging out in a hammock on campus, going to Livermore falls during the summer, going on one of the gorgeous hikes we have in the area, spending the day at Cannon mountain, there’s limitless options for what you can do on campus regardless of the season. It’s always good to keep track of how you’re feeling mentally and if you are feeling down or in any way need to talk with someone, some of the professors here are great people to talk with as well as the on campus counselors.

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