Another key strength of mine is relating to people. “the Relator theme pulls you toward people you already know.” I have a strong draw towards others that share the same interests and goals as I do.  At first, I come across as a shy person and less confident than others until I am comfortable within my surroundings.

I developed this “Relator” trait partially from my upbringing. Growing up in a split household you learn different qualities from each parent. Living with my mom the majority of my life I developed many personality traits, as my mother is very outgoing. Seeing my mother relate to so many of her friends has rubbed off on me and helped me gain the friendships I have today.

This semester my tactic of using my “Relator” trait to better myself academically will be very helpful in achieving my goals. I hope to align myself with people who share common interests and study habits to ensure I manage my expectations and that I stay on target. By starting off in a group setting, where most comfortable I hope I will flourish independently as well.

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