Strengths come in all different ways. Some people are physically strong, others are mentally. People have all types of strengths which make us unique. Upon reflection of my actions, a strong strength of mine is when I include others.  I make sure that there is a way for everyone to be involved. It matters to me that everyone gets a chance because that one chance may change one’s life forever.

One example of when I used this trait, (which is also problem solving) was when my friends and I were playing basketball and already had six players. Unfortunately for us, upon arrival, there were already four players. My friends were ready to pack up and leave when I suggested, ” Why don’t we ask them to have two join one team and two join another so that we could play five versus five”.  The players loved the idea and picked which teams they wanted to be on and the games begun!

Upon the realization of my ” Includer” trait, I have concluded that not only can this trait be used in social aspects but in school aspects as well. I look forward to being more proficient with this, whether it be in study groups or classes where group work is assigned.

I plan on using this trait in my strategy to do better academically this semester. Including everyone can also be beneficial to me. I intend on utilizing the writing and math help centers to have a strong successful second semester.

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