Ascent Communication Tech is an incredibly insightful course that has helped me really understand the basics and key aspects of college life and academics.

Some of the course work that has helped me the most includes:

  1. Goal Cards:

The goal cards, particularly the short and long-term cards, are a really good way to take a step back and process your mindset when goal-planning. They are a great way to dissect and start executing goals and understand why your goal is important to you. Goal-planning is a very important skill in college and will help out in the future.

2. Infographic Selfies:

This assignment was something that was enjoyable and taught us all a little bit more about ourselves. You are putting yourself and what’s important to you on this selfie. They are really important for getting a good sense of what it’s like to put yourself out there and show others what you value.

3. LinkedIn Profiles:

Creating the LinkedIn profile was a very important step in this class, college, and afterward. These accounts are what are going to help us show employers and others what we have achieved, what we have to offer, and what we value most to put out into the world. It was very helpful that we got these done so early in our college experience so we can continue to add and improve the accounts to benefit us even more in our future endeavors.

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