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I have utilized CliftonStrengths for over ten years in my work in Higher Education. I have reviewed the Strengths themes with first year students over a hundred times at this stage in my career and have taken the assessment a total of four times personally. It has remained the same for over ten years until this most recent time- Intellection replaced my longstanding Strategic Strength!

I incorporate my 5 signature Strengths into my work and personal life, but most often when I am problem solving or taking on a new challenge. One example is how I use my Input strength, which is the first and strongest in my report. As an advisor, I utilize Input by cataloguing and collecting information on how students engage with campus resources or overcome barriers to success during their first year journey. I collect and store this information and when another student asks me for help, I have a wealth of knowledge and useful information to share! Whether it’s a staff or faculty member on campus who can help or even a local mechanic to assist with car troubles. Chances are I have a nugget of information catalogued somewhere in my brain and it helps me to recognize patterns and trends related to the student experience!

library of congress - Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and  Culture
How I envision my brain storing and cataloguing information!

Personally, I use my Maximizer strength all the time- I’m always looking to improve things, whether it’s an inefficient process or I think something good can be tweaked to be outstanding! The best example of this is when I’m cooking! I’m a great cook, but I still try to change around our family favorite recipes to make them amazing! Some tweaks are more successful than others, but I enjoy trying to achieve excellence in adjusting my recipes each time I make them.

Episode 102 | DMED Media
Actual footage of me in the kitchen “maximizing” 🙂

I hope you find ways to incorporate your top 5 strengths into your academic and personal life this semester! If you want to talk more about how to utilize your strengths in your journey for success, please email me (mmm1083@plymouth.edu) to set up a time to connect! Good luck, you have the strengths to accomplish your goals here at PSU!

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