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My advisor at Plymouth State is no other than Scott Coykendall himself! Scott is an amazing advisor who never fails to help me with anything I need. Scott has been a tremendous help from my first day at school and a great ally. The best part about him is that he is so friendly and kind which makes the sometimes daunting task of speaking to an advisor that much easier.

Scott has been helpful to me throughout my entire PSU journey. He was the very first professor I had. Let me tell you he’s amazing! The way he gets the class to interact not only with each other but with him is outstanding. He also cares immensely about his students and it shows. There is not a time where Scott won’t listen to what you have to say and give helpful feedback. Scott has helped me through some of my more difficult times as well. I couldn’t be more thankful to him for helping me get into the ascent rebalance program and on a better path!

A strategy I can use to consult with Scott to overcome a challenge or make decisions is to set up a reoccurring meeting to assess my progress and discuss any uncertainties that I have.

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