Michelle Obama praises diverse grads in her final commencement speech -  Chicago Tribune

I’ll be honest with you, I love Michelle Obama. And it’s not just because she has some stellar dance moves! I think Michelle’s story of grit and determination along her journey to the White House as First Lady is inspiring and full of hope.

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In this excerpted speech to college students, Michelle Obama asks, “Who are you gonna be?” She pushes the audience to think about their future and how they’re going to react to setback or failure. Michelle elaborates, “See these are the moments that define us. Not the day you get the promotion. Not the day you win teacher of the year. But the times that force you to claw and scratch and fight just to get through the day. The moments when you get knocked down and you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to even get back up.”

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I want you to know it’s worth getting back up and taking a second chance at success. You may need to claw and scratch your way through some hard days next semester. But it’s worth it. There is learning and self-discovery in the process. You’re not alone in the journey. Who you are gonna be? I’d like to meet the new you, shake your hand, and help you along the way!

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